Human Focused Services to Give you
Peace of Mind.

Social Life
and Recreation

Whether in the friendly and inviting environment of the private residences or out on an outing, a variety of options are available to you: culture, dance, art, physical activities or volunteering within the community.

The program caters to people who enjoy individual activities as well as those who are used to an active social life.

Tasty Meals

Dining room service just like at the restaurant, take-out and private rooms; there are many ways to enjoy gastronomic moments in Cogir private residences.

As part of a package or à la carte, meals are prepared by our chefs with great care and offered in the dining room. Table service allows you to fully enjoy the culinary experience and share a good meal with friends. Families are always welcome.

If you wish to eat in the comfort of your apartment without having to cook, you will be enchanted by our take-out meals.  All you have to do is heat up these nutritious meals and enjoy.

Want to entertain family and friends? You can reserve a private room for a stress-free, intimate gathering. Some retirement homes even offer catering services.

The rhythm of the seasons always inspires the choice of foods that make up the delicious and balanced dishes that we serve you, regardless of how and where you choose to eat them.

Safety is at the Heart of our Approach

Many services have been instituted to ensure resident safety:

Should you need help, there will always be someone there to help.

Adapted Healthcare and Assistance

Your well-being is our main concern. Every resident has a personal health profile, which is why we offer such a wide range of healthcare services.

On-demand care
Adapted care
Secured care unit
Here are the three main options available to you:

• Independent residents without à la carte care.

• Independent residents with à la carte care.

Several à la carte services are offered:
– Medication management
– Daily living assistance
– Assistance with personal hygiene

• Care unit and Secured unit:

The comfort unit is located in a secure wing of the retirement home dedicated to clients with reduced autonomy who require regular and sustained care.

The secured unit is equipped with coded doors. It provides peace of mind to residents with cognitive impairment and their families.

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

Go about your business without having to worry about housework or laundry. Experience cleanliness and freshness without the hassle!

Apartment cleaning – for a home that shines •
Bed linen and towel service •
Laundry service for clothes •

After all, that’s what retirement is!

Transportation Services to Enable
You to Move About Freely

We are committed to improving our residents’ quality of life, while reducing our ecological footprint. That’s why we offer different modes of transportation to meet your needs.

Electric car sharing

They are available to you at no cost. They are so convenient that many residents choose to part with their vehicle. It's a pleasure to combine eco-responsibility and freedom!

Shuttle bus

A shuttle bus runs to the shopping centres and the grocery store.

Electric bikes

Ride through the neighbourhood at your leisure.

Transportation services vary from one private residence to another, so ask about it!

On-demand services offered by certified professionals, directly within the residence

We handpicked professionals to serve you on site, in residence, and avoid you having to run all over town:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Foot care
  • Pharmacy
  • Massage Therapy
  • And much more (depending on the residence)

We are proud to make your life easier by providing in-house professional services.

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