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How to Choose
your Retirement Home

A retirement home is much more than an apartment, it is a living space where a range of services facilitate your day-to-day life. A place to meet and entertain; it must also offer human-focused and evolving services, à la carte or included in packages, to meet your needs of today and tomorrow.

Get to Know your Living Environment Options

If you want to stay in an environment with which you are already familiar, or want to stay close to loved ones, Cogir private residences are available almost everywhere in the province of Quebec.

Are you independent and in good health? Or are you an active person who wouldn’t mind a little help? Or do you need specialized assistance? Our accommodation packages are tailored to your pace and needs:

Apartments with à la carte services or a package •

Studios with health care and assistance •

Ask About Financial Incentives

Amenities Included in the Lease

Living in a retirement home means having the freedom to no longer worry about day-to-day chores and several ownership costs. Ask about the amenities and services that will help you enjoy your retirement.

When you add up all the expenses associated with a house or condo, Cogir private residences offer excellent quality-to-price ratio.

  • Maintenance
  • Landscaping and snow removal
  • Electricity
  • Hot water
  • Cable and telephone service
  • Participation in many activities
  • Access to facilities and common areas

Take the time to compare costs based on your income and expenses.

Tax Credit

You may be eligible for a Quebec government tax credit for home support services for seniors aged 70 and over. To find out how muchyou are entitled, contact our quality-of-life consultant team and someone will do the calculations for you.

Facilitation Towards the Residence Life

If you are moving from a rental property to a retirement home, you only need to give two months’ notice to your current landlord. As such, you can benefit from our range of services more quickly and safely.

Des services à la carte pour répondre aux besoins d’aujourd’hui et de demain

Une multitude de services sont disponibles à la résidence, en cas de besoin. Que ce soit pour de l’aide quotidienne ou un souci de santé, l’équipe peut vous accompagner en vous proposant des services adaptés à vos besoins. Des résidences évolutives vous permettront de demeurer dans votre milieu de vie confortable et sécurisant, et ce, même si des soucis de santé surviennent. Certaines résidences proposent aussi des unités de soins pour des personnes en perte d’autonomie. (Lien vers la section Unité de Soins)
Un chef à votre service
À la carte ou en forfait, les repas qui sont servis en salle à manger et préparés par un chef sauront vous plaire. Le chef et sa brigade sont à l’écoute de la clientèle et élaborent avec passion de délicieux menus. Vous désirez déguster la cuisine avant de faire votre choix? Aucun problème, contactez-nous pour une invitation à notre salle à manger!
Services connexes
Vivre en résidence, c’est aussi la facilité à laquelle vous pouvez avoir accès à différents services connexes qui facilitent la vie comme l’entretien ménager et la lessive. Un petit coup de pouce pour ces tâches ménagères, c’est agréable!

Ask the Right Questions

The criteria for choosing a retirement home differ from one person to another. To find a place that suits you, first ask yourself:

  • What services would you like to receive ?

  • What would improve your quality of life ?

  • Would you like access to swings, green or sunny areas or a pool ?

  • What amenities would make you happy: take-out, storage, parking, housekeeping, laundry, public transportation ?

  • How many rooms do you need ?

Come and meet with us so we can show you the retirement home and its many services and activities. Think about your current and future needs.

Come and
See for Yourself

The Cogir private residences welcome you at any time. Nothing beats an in-person visit in order to meet our welcoming staff. Our doors are always open!

Among other things, we invite you to :

Visit the apartments •
Walk through the common areas •
Walk through our green space •
Enjoy a meal in our dining room •
Participate in activities •
And more, depending on your interests •

Come and experience the atmosphere of Cogir private residences and live the real thing. A visit will help you make an informed decision and get answers to all your questions.

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Visit the residence

Visit the residence

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